Sweet One

Annabelle’s Sweet One birthday was to date one of my favorite events I’ve planned and hosted. While we kept things simple and somewhat small, the details are what hit home for me! While we unfortunately had to reschedule her birthday party quite a few times, thanks Covid, this past weekend we were finally able to celebrate! Today, I’m sharing all the details of her “Sweet One” party.

I first started planning based on a theme, but I didn’t have a set theme in mind. I wanted to do some play on her nickname, Sprinkle, but I knew I didn’t want a “Sprinkle” themed party. Thanks to my best friend Chrissye, she came up with the name “sweet one”. I loved it and I knew I could take the party so many different ways.

Pinterest was my best friend when it came to planning and details. I had seen a daisy flower balloon arch that I fell in love with and knew I needed to incorporate! Thankfully, Miami Balloon Garden understood my vision and executed flawlessly! I loved that she first sent me a mock up of what our set up would look like. What she actually created, was truly beautiful! And it doesn’t hurt that she’s an absolute sweetheart too!

Because our party was mainly adults, I didn’t have any kid’s entertainment, taking advantage of this for as long as I can. Haha! I know it may only be this party! We hosted Annabelle’s party at 4 pm so only planned to serve bites and champagne. We did some Miami staples, sushi and Cuban snacks which included croquetas, pastelitos. Of course we had to get our Cuban goodies from our favorite, Sunset Bakery!

We also served our favorite flavor cake (lemon) from E&M Sweets. I showed Cynthia a cake I fell in love with on Pinterest, and what she created, was even better! Fun fact, she’s been making all our cakes since Thomas’s 2nd birthday, she also did our wedding cake!

To bring everything together were the small details in decor from some of my favorite small businesses in Miami. The first piece I ordered was the tassel garland from Crafting on Sunshine. I thought it would be so fun to add the “sweet one” pendant to bring it all back to our theme. Wild Briar Co. came up with the perfect custom piece. I love how delicate and “sweet” it is!

One of the most special pieces of the party was the milestone picture board created by Casa Viera. Vanessa from Casa Viera had been wanting to create this board, but needed a little one who had taken monthly milestone pictures. Funny enough, I had already been telling Joel he was going to have to help me make something similar. Vanessa truly saved the day! I mean, who better than Sprinkle?! I loved being able to display all those pictures for everyone to see!

They also created the sweetest cake topper for our cake that went perfectly not only with our setup, but the colors as well!

To send our guests off and sticking true to my Sprinkle, I created little Sprinkle jars for our guests to take home! By the way, Sprinkles are expensive AF. Just FYI, haha! For the kid gift bags, I used the “Sweet One” from Annabelle’s invitation, which I also made, no biggie!

And last, but certainly not least, as it was one of the very first things I ordered. Sprinkle’s custom dress! Wild Buffalo Threads had posted a picture of this dress for her own daughter and I messaged her telling her I needed this dress for Sprinkle! From the colors to the details, it was just absolutely perfect!

Overall, we are so happy with how everything turned out, but even happier that we were able to celebrate with our closest friends and family, in person! While Sprinkle may not remember her first birthday, she certainly did have a great time, especially finishing the night eating her cake with chopsticks!