I’ve had some realizations in 2019. 

  1. Next year I turn 30.
  2. My body, skin included, is not that of a young, wild and free 21 year old, running around New York City, eating Domino pasta bread bowls at 2 AM.
  3. Did I mention that next year I turn 30?

As a result, Domino’s is no longer an exclusive food group in my diet and as you read in my last post, I’m dairy conscious now guys.

But back to skincare! If you’ve looked at any type of social media the past few months then you’ve definitely seen the scapel to the face procedure, dermaplaning. Lucky for me, being a client of Sunset Dermatology, they were offering a special for dermaplaning for the month of September, I jumped on the opportunity!

Two weeks ago I met with Diana, the aesthetician at Sunset Dermatology, for my first dermaplaning session. She recommends the treatment every 2-3 months. By the way guys, she’s the sweetest and answered every little question I had, on top of letting me hold up my phone to record my session as she worked her magic!

Back to dermaplaning, your session goes as follows:

  1. Face is cleansed
  2. Face is prepped with a peel
  3. Dermaplaning, the FUN stuff!
  4. Enzymatic Peel
  5. Hyaluronic Acid Peel
  6. Growth Factor Serum applied
  7. Sunscreen applied

All of this in about 30 minutes! There was no downtime to the treatment and I had very little redness right after! But the most noticeable difference has been that my skin has been GLOWING, even two weeks later!

right before dermaplaning session, note skin texture is uneven and not smooth


Everything taken off during dermaplaning.
Immediately after my session. My face is a little red, but overall much smoother and glowing.
Exactly one week later. My skin is still glowing and so smooth!
One week later again, but this time with makeup. All my makeup and products go on so much smoother and even as a result of dermplaning.

Overall, I loved my experience with Diana and the dermaplaning treatment. Let’s be honest, I love every experience I have at Sunset Dermatology, #selfcare am I right?! I wanted to give dermaplaning a try before my wedding in January and will definitely be back to Sunset Dermatology for another session right before my big day!

Have questions about what you see? Just leave me a comment below! For more information about Sunset Dermatology, check out their website here!

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