Hey Boo

It’s my favorite time of year and with the way 2020 has played out, I will gladly welcome any distraction. Holiday decorating is doing just that! Thomas absolutely loved how soft these were and at one point, before I had finished making them, I caught him cuddling with them, haha! Today I’m sharing a little tutorial on how I made this fun little ghost garland! Also, be sure to check out how else we’ve decorated for Fall this year, below!

Ghost Garland Tutorial

Supplies needed:

  • Preferred yarn
  • Hot glue gun
  • Foam balls (the smallest you can find, this will vary from store to store, but mine were a little smaller than an inch)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Black paint & brush
  • Ribbon to hang ghosts on


  1. Wrap your yarn around some type of surface measuring 12 inches (I used a piece of cardboard) 30 times.
  2. Carefully slide yarn off surface and cut a small string separate from to wrap around your loops in the center. Approximately at the 6 inch mark you will wrap the small string and tie a TIGHT knot.
  3. Take your scissors and cut the loops, so that none of the yarn is connected, but hangs free.
  4. Spread out all the yarn, like you see in the pictures below and glue foam ball in the center.
  5. Gather yarn around the foam ball to create the ghost’s “head”, cut another small string to match your ghost’s yarn color and tie directly underneath foam ball and tightly secure.
  6. Paint with on ghosts eyes and mouth.
  7. String ghosts on preferred string.

See below how I incorporated these ghosts into my Fall decor!

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