My Favorite Baby Products (0-2 Months)

Hi guys! This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you choose to purchase through the links provided (at no extra cost to you)!

I can’t tell you how overwhelming shopping for baby products is! By no means am I here to say the products below are the best of the best, but they are what have worked for us so far! So take it all with a grain of salt, what may work for my baby, may not work for yours and what may work for your baby, may not work for mine!

While pregnant, I can’t tell you how many hours I spent researching and talking to different moms about some of the very items below! You may see that some of the items I chose were maybe simpler items such as those without battery operated movement. Joel and I both believe that at a certain point in time babies didn’t have all these high tech contraptions and you know what, they survived. Unpopular opinion, I know. Anyways, below I’ll share our favorites so far and why. I’m hoping to share the products we love in stages because I fully recognize that while Sprinkle may love some of these things now, that may not be the case as she gets older.

Our Favorites

  • Lovevery Play Gym– We started using the play gym when Sprinkle was around 2 weeks and I regret not bringing it out sooner. She LOVES being on there! I love all the things the play gym brings like the high contrast flashcards and a little booklet to guide you in playtime with you baby! While it’s a little on the pricey side, I feel like it’s truly worth every penny!
  • Angel Care Bath– We were originally recommended this bath and even used it for the first week or so, but I can’t tell you how uncomfortable I was bathing her. The Angel Care bath is a no frills, light weight bath and it fits perfectly in our kitchen sink! Bathing her here has made all the difference on my back and neck and she LOVES bath time now! We both dreaded it before!
  • Haaka– This is another item I wish I would have gotten sooner! I learned about Haaka because I had been recommended and already using the ladybug milk collectors. As my milk was coming in and adjusting to Sprinkle I was a faucet. Using the Ladybugs I loved not having my milk go to waste! Then, after some research, I learned about the Haaka! This “pump” that does no pumping, but catches your milk as the other side is being occupied, has helped me create such a nice “stash” in our freezer for Sprinkle.
  • Boppy– If you’ve seen pictures of Sprinkle, you’ve definitely seen her on the Boppy lounger! Since day 1 she has loved this! Sprinkle loved the dock a tot when we first brought her home, but that didn’t last very long. She really likes to be propped up and in the mix of things which the Boppy has a nice little incline that lets her see what’s going on! As a newborn, she would occasionally fall asleep in the Boppy too, but not so much anymore.
  • Baby Bjorn– We were recommended a few different bouncers, but after some extensive research, this was the bouncer I felt best about. I cannot tell you how much Sprinkle loves this thing. She’s been hanging out on the kitchen counter while I cook daily as she’s in the Bjorn and often falls asleep in there! At the beginning she was to little to bounce it on her own, but she’s starting to now!
  • Newton Mattress– I am SO happy with our Newton Mattress. I knew we wouldn’t be using a bassinet with Sprinkle and she would be sleeping in her crib from day 1, so this was a big and an important purchase for us. The Newton Mattresses are 100% breathable and washable, as a new mom that gives you so much peace of mind! Luckily we haven’t had to wash it yet, but I thought it was so great that you can literally just hose the mattress down! If you’re interested, I have a discount code for you to use! Click on the link here and type in this code at checkout:  livelovefinds50
  • Halo Swaddle– I can’t tell you how many swaddle blankets we have because I convinced myself Sprinkle would be the cutest swaddled baby. She’s still cute, but Mama and Papa HATE swaddling. In a night of desperation, I placed a pick up order for the Halo Swaddle. This has been the best we’ve used in comparison to a few others!
  • Nanobebe bottle– offered a great bottle introduction pack that came with several different popular options for baby to try. The first two weeks that Sprinkle was home and wasn’t really breastfeeding, we did have to use bottles, the Nanobebe was Sprinkle’s favorite. In fact, whenever I’m not home and we leave a bottle for her, this is always our go to!
  • Nuna Pipa Car Seat– The Nuna Pipa car seat was a no brainer for us, the reviews were fantastic as it’s one of the highest rated car seats on the market. So far I love it, but then again we’ve used it a handful of times considering we don’t leave the house. I will say it does easily connect to the stroller, making it hassle free!
  • Nuna Mixx Next Stroller– I love that this stroller goes with our car seat. While I’ve only used it for walks around the block, it is so light and super easy to use! I also love the style!
  • Solly Baby Wrap– You’ve probably seen me wearing Sprinkle in the Solly Wrap. It is so soft and comfortable and perfect for when I need my hands, but Sprinkle needs her mama!
  • Baby Buddha Pump– Thank goodness for this pump! While pumping wasn’t necessarily my original plan, things changed when Sprinkle had a hard time breastfeeding the first few weeks. The Baby Buddha is so quick and amazing that it’s hands free!
  • Skip Hop Changing Pad– This pad is seriously the BEST! It’s waterproof and a special type of cushioned foam, so it makes clean up a BREEZE!

Some other favorites

Sprinkle Update

This week we had our two month visit with Sprinkle’s pediatrician and I am happy to report she’s doing great! She’s weighing in at 10 lbs and 22.5 inches long! We made the decision to space out her vaccines so we should be done with her first round in about 2-3 weeks. Next week she’ll be getting her ears pierced! For the last two or three weeks Sprinkle has been smiling and making all sorts of new sounds. I swear everyday I hear a new one and it just melts my heart! She’s not the biggest fan of tummy time, but everyday she’s at it a little longer and complaining a little less! We’ve been working hard on a daily routine and sleep training and I’m so happy at how successful we’ve been. You can check out more on my Instagram, but look out for a post soon! Can’t wait to see what new stuff she starts doing in the upcoming weeks!

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