One Year with Maven in Behavior

One year ago I made a big announcement, my ABA company was ready and open for business. A dream years in the making was finally true, but there was so much unknown. The unknown of building a business, getting clients, medical billing, the list goes on. In fact, I told Joel multiple times that if 6 months in I don’t have enough clients for this business to be viable, I would go back to work for another company. But one year later, not only do we have enough clients, we have an office to see our amazing clients and an amazing team helping kiddos and their families everyday.

Maven in Behavior has been blessed with success, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been challenges. Starting a business coming off a year maternity leave and in the midst of a pandemic was already a challenge! But the biggest challenge was the learning curve of a new role, business owner. Unfortunately, this wasn’t part of any ABA curriculum when becoming a BCBA, but it should be. Google has been my best friend 😉 as well as all the amazing professionals in this field who have answered MANY questions!

Over the last year I’ve had many “pinch me” moments. Maven in Behavior has become not only a second home for me and our team, but a safe place for our families. I recently heard someone describe Maven in Behavior as a concierge ABA Company and I got all the feels! While there is still so much to learn, I am so proud of what we have created for our community!

For anyone out there thinking, “should I take the next step?”, here are some words of very young wisdom-

•It may never feel like the right time to get started, but doing your homework about all the small steps you need to get to your “destination” will make the big step much more attainable!

•If you’re not financially savvy, talk to someone who is! Set up a meeting with a CPA to get your business started off on the right foot. Then, keep track of EVERYTHING!

•Whether your a BCBA or not, chances are your business is providing some type of solution for someone. This is something I’m still learning, but the problems you’re solving don’t always need an IMMEDIATE response. Not only for your sanity, but chances are you’ll provide a better answer when you have the time to sort through it!

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