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It’s finally February and LiveLoveFinds is FINALLY back! January was a dream, one I will be replaying over and over for quite sometime! In case you didn’t know, Joel and I got married January 11 and on January 15 we left on our incredible honeymoon, all of which I’m sharing today! Bear with me, this post will feature all about our travel and all the details of my outfits, well, the ones I got pictures of. We visited LA, Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora. You ready? Let’s go!

Los Angeles

We started our honeymoon with Los Angeles to break up the flying and travel to Tahiti. Just for reference from Miami to get to French Polynesia you need to fly to LA, LA to Tahiti and then from Tahiti you can take smaller planes to any other island you wish to visit.


Nomad– Relatively new and located in Downtown LA, our first time in this area and we loved how easily accessible things are, but don’t be fooled, LA traffic is NO JOKE. Overall, loved the mid-century, dark vibes here! The hotel bar is gorg with yummy cocktails and we LOVED the open tub in our room. The gym was also GREAT!



Kogi– literally our first stop, straight from the airport. The burrito are things dreams, hungover dreams, are made of

Majordomo– amazing food, incredible wine selection, David Chang. Turns out David Chang was staying at our hotel and I saw him in the gym, I tried to say hi, but airpods are stupid and he was rude. In case you read this David Chang, I get it you were working out and I just wanted to say I love your food :p

Petit Trois– WOW WOW WOW. Best bone marrow, best steak tartare, best bread, best service, best everything. No wonder their sister restaurant has a Michelin star. I think Joel and I have talked about this amazing lunch every single day since. One of the chefs overheard it was our honeymoon and gave us a complimentary dessert! This was one of our favorite dining experiences EVER.

Madre– There’s a lot of Mexican options in LA, shocker. Madre came up on a few searches, but their extensive mezcal seletion at their Torrance location sold me. It’s a bit of a drive from LA, but totally worth it! They had a great oaxan selection of bites and everything tasted so fresh!

Pizzana– Joel had been dying to go to Pizzana since we had seen chef Daniel Uditi on Netflix’s “The Chef Show”. Not only did we get to go, but Daniel Uditi personally made our pizza’s and we got to meet him! He completely made up for my not so wonderful David Chang experience. He was so sweet and not only did he make our pizza’s but also gave us a complimentary delicious dessert. Cannot wait to visit Pizzana again!

Everytime I leave LA I leave loving it more and more. Despite the traffic, I love the views, the food, the people, all of it! West coast is the best coast! Also, you won’t see much about food the rest of this post because French Polynesia is NOT known for the food. As foodies, this was hard for us, but the incredible views make up for it!


We took an overnight flight from LA to Tahiti. Air Tahiti Nui is GREAT, lots of decent food, blankets, pillows, eye masks, you know all the things you used to get in the states just for being on a plane. Oh and PLENTY of overhead storage, like enough for EVERYONE on the plane, here’s looking at you American Airlines.



We stayed at Manava Tahiti. We picked Manava based on the pool and the views. I mean an infinity pool where we could directly see our next stop, Moorea. It was such a great start to our trip. We basically didn’t leave the pool! Our rooms were great and the staff and service was also great! One of my favorite parts of Tahiti was walking to a local food truck. It was so cool to see a trend so big here also popular across the world! By the time we left the food truck hub was full of locals!


We got to Moorea by ferry. It’s about a 30 minute trip from the port of Papeete. I highly recommend going to the roof to be able to enjoy all the incredible views!


Amazon similar suit, Joel’s bathing suit
*My bathing suit is from Eberjey, but no longer sold.


During our stay on this amazing island we stayed at the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa. The Hilton was located quite far from the ferry, but had a great property that allowed you mountain views or full ocean views. We preferred mountain views for all our stays.

This was our first over-water bungalow of the trip and what a treat it was! Our bungalow had recently been remodeled and construction was still going on on other bungalows. As a result, we were given a $50 a day resort credit.

Overall, while we loved our room and views, the Hilton had awful service and we even discussed this with a manager early into our stay. While he was somewhat helpful, overall we were disappointed with the quality of our experience with the Hilton brand. But the scenery made for some pretty amazing pictures.


ATV Tour: We booked our tour through Top Jet Moorea. Our guides were so friendly and knowledgeable. We absolutely loved this tour and getting to do things like drive through a pineapple field, stand in the center of what used to be the center of Moorea’s volcano, and finish with some amazing views of Moorea and the South Pacific.

Private Boat Tour: Surface 21’s private boat tour is a MUST when in Moorea. Dan and Perrine are an amazing couple that we felt like friends after a few hours on their beautiful boat! They were amazing hosts and this was definitely a highlight of our time in Moorea.

Bora bora

And last, but certainly not least, Bora Bora. To get to Bora Bora we took a flight through Air Tahiti which services all the islands of French Polynesia. They offer flight options which let’s you fly to multiple islands while you’re in the area. Our flight was about 30 minutes from take off to landing. Because most of the resorts in Bora Bora on not on the main island, but atolls around the main island, you have to take a water taxi to essentially get anywhere. This is certainly part of Bora Bora’s charm.


Similar Bathing Suit, Shorts, Hat
*Bathing suit was from Target last year, no longer sold.
*These pants are my mom’s from Banana Republic from over 15 years ago.


We saved our best and splurge for last, the Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa. What a GEM! We had one of the nicest bungalow locations considering we had a direct view of Mount Otemanu from our bed. I think it could only get better in a Brando suite. If you don’t know what that is, do yourself a favor.

Service at Thalasso was fantastic and very similar to the personalized service we had when we were in Tulum at Mi Amor. After going around Bora Bora by boat, we felt like Thalasso was set on the best atoll with the best views. What is so interesting about Bora Bora is that you’re actually on a lagoon!

The only downfall of Thalasso was the food and beverage department. While we were well aware that food prices would be high and that quality would most definitely not reflect these prices, what was disappointing was that because this was low season, the resort did not have all the restaurants open. This really limited our options considering to leave the hotel you have to take a water taxi to get ANYWHERE. Not the most practical, but again, that’s the charm of Bora Bora. Also, we’re not sure if they were low staff or poorly managed, although it seemed that both of these factors were at play across all our dining experiences.

Overall, our stay was nothing short of amazing, despite food and beverage being a bit of a mess. Thalasso was such a magical place and I hope we get to go back one day, sooner rather than later!


Private Catamaran: We chartered a private catamaran for the day through Vitamin Sea Bora Bora. What a treat! Tony and Allan were our “guides” and we had such a great time with them! Everything was so well planned and they were so friendly giving us an insight into not only Bora Bora, but their life in Bora Bora.

Swim w/ Stingray & Sharks: While hesitant at first, this was one of the most fun excursions we did! Not only did we meet some great people from around the world, but we got so up close to different types of sharks, stingray, eel and even got to swim with not one, but TWO Manta Ray! Our guides from Moana Adventure Tour knew all the great spots to hit up and made our trip so fun!

If you’ve taken the time to get this far, I commend you! This was challenging to put together because I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface and didn’t do this trip the justice it really deserves! It was beyond beautiful, beyond special, and beyond memorable. All credit goes to Joel for taking the lead on planning this entire honeymoon. I’m usually the planner for just about everything and after spending months planning a wedding, this was AMAZING! It was so hard to come home, but being back only makes the daily grind more motivating to have more moments like this.

If you’re looking into visiting French Polynesia and have some more questions or just want to chat, please, reach out! I would love to share more! If you’d like some more in depth reviews of our hotels or excursions, check out my TripAdvisor profile!

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