Lemon Detox

Coming back from our honeymoon, despite keeping up with intermittent fasting while we we’re away, I found it hard to get back to my IF routine when we got back. Probably because our first few days back I loaded myself up with all the things I missed, Cuban food and tacos.

Pinterest has been a source of information for me when it’s come to intermittent fasting. Something that kept popping up was the benefits of lemon. But not just some lemon juice squeezed into your water, no no, the WHOLE lemon.

Needless to say I was intrigued by all the benefits an ENTIRE lemon is said to have, so I gave it a go. NO, I did not eat a whole lemon, but instead made lemon ice cubes! Check it out below! These treats take 5 minutes to throw together and so easy to pop into my water bottle before I head out for the day.

I’ve only been on the lemon bandwagon for two weeks, but WOW what a difference! Disclaimer, not entirely sure if it’s the lemons that have made the difference OR my increase in water consumption, but either way, I’ll take it!

Lemon Detox

  • 2-3 Lemons (depending on your ice cube tray and size of lemons, I fill up two ice cube trays with 3)
  • Water

1. Wash lemons

2. Slice lemons to an appropriate size for your food processor

3. Add lemons and water (2-3 tablespoons as needed to blend everything together) to food processor

4. Place in preferred ice cube tray and freeze.

Notes: not entirely sure how long these are good for, but mine didn’t last longer than a week and a half, because I’m addicted!


If you google search benefits of lemon peels, you’ll find endless and enldess information, and pretty much a lot of it being the same info. The peel of the lemon is rich in vitamins, specifically, calcium, fiber, potassium and vitamin C. In just a week and a half I have noticed the following:

-An improvement in my skin and it’s texture

-Less hunger throughout the day while I’m fasting (drinking lots more yummy water)

-Because it tastes so delicious, I’ve increased my water consumption! I was typically drinking about 40-50 ounces a day and now I drink a gallon or more. (This may also be a contributing factor to the skin improvement)

With any dietary change, you should always consult your doctor and see if this is something that would work for you.

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